Friday, February 25, 2011

Keep on Keepin on

My word of the year is DILIGENCE. I am really trying to keep to this word as I pursue my other goals. Today was a serious test for me. I'm trying to have a better attitude, a brighter disposition, and be a more approachable person. You never know when someone you associate with is in need of a friend, a shoulder, or a helping hand, and if my face says "I'm tired and cranky, BACK OFF!" no one is going to give me a second thought... But being happy and chipper ALL the time is not easy, and every once in a while you come across someone who REALLY knows how to put you in a bad mood. That happened to me today. I was so angry I was in tears (yes usually when I get REALLY REALLY mad I cry... But only when I'm alone of course ;) and it ruined about 2 hours of my day (a day I was really happy with, and very much enjoying) before I realized that I had succumbed to this person's black mood and I was LETTING it ruin me. It was one of those LIGHTBULB moments, in which I remembered that I need to remain diligent in my goal to be there for others, but not so much that I go full circle and am so easily affected by other people's BAD moods, the goal is to be happy right?! Well anyway what would we be if not human, and given new experiences to test us and help us grow everyday? SO I'm just going to Keep on Keepin on and hope for the best!


jadell said...

good for you! That's a great reminder for me too. Hope today is better! :)

Al and Ken said...

Thanks for the encouragement Sirah! I was really inspried by your "word of the year" I hope you don't mind me borrowing the idea!

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