Friday, February 25, 2011

Keep on Keepin on

My word of the year is DILIGENCE. I am really trying to keep to this word as I pursue my other goals. Today was a serious test for me. I'm trying to have a better attitude, a brighter disposition, and be a more approachable person. You never know when someone you associate with is in need of a friend, a shoulder, or a helping hand, and if my face says "I'm tired and cranky, BACK OFF!" no one is going to give me a second thought... But being happy and chipper ALL the time is not easy, and every once in a while you come across someone who REALLY knows how to put you in a bad mood. That happened to me today. I was so angry I was in tears (yes usually when I get REALLY REALLY mad I cry... But only when I'm alone of course ;) and it ruined about 2 hours of my day (a day I was really happy with, and very much enjoying) before I realized that I had succumbed to this person's black mood and I was LETTING it ruin me. It was one of those LIGHTBULB moments, in which I remembered that I need to remain diligent in my goal to be there for others, but not so much that I go full circle and am so easily affected by other people's BAD moods, the goal is to be happy right?! Well anyway what would we be if not human, and given new experiences to test us and help us grow everyday? SO I'm just going to Keep on Keepin on and hope for the best!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week in Review

WHAT A WEEK! Seriously, this was a crazy one! Let me take you back and start from the beginning!

First of all, a typical week in the Checketts household actually runs from Wednesday to Wednesday, unlike the traditional family's Sunday to Sunday, thanks to Ken's crazy job. So my story actually begins last Tuesday night...

Ken is constantly hurting himself at work, he works on a drilling rig, its kind of unavoidable, so when he texted me on Tuesday night (just a few hours before he was supposed to start heading home) and began his text with "Sorry Baby, bad news..." I figured he had cut his hand, or twisted his ankle or some other small injury. When he then proceeded to tell me that he had SMASHED his hand under a 10,000lb pipe I started to worry, but he didn't seem all that concerned so I figured it couldn't be too serious. Again I was WRONG. But it had been about half an hour and he never answered my questions about broken bones or trips to the hospital and I was heading into a Zumba class so I just assumed if he was in any real mortal danger he would have called atleast, and what could happen to a smashed hand in just an hour? Well when I finished my class I had about 10 texts and 2 messages from Ken telling me he was in fact in the hospital getting his hand x-rayed, and he was SURE that with that kind of impact he fingers had to have been crushed. Well now I was in full blown worry mode! And I couldn't even get a hold of him because he was not allowed to use his phone during x-rays or when he was talking to the doctor, plus he was over 3 hours away so I had no idea whether or not I would need to drive there to help! Finally he called me back with news and said that the doctors were completely blown away because there were NO BROKEN BONES! His right ring finger has practically exploded (Ken uses the example of a hotdog in the microwave for too long haha) with the impact and he would need stitches, but the bones were all sound, not even a fracture! WHAT A MIRACLE! 10,000lbs and no damage to the bone, my husband must be BIONIC or something, because thats incredible! Anyway his middle finger and pinky were just badly bruised and he is very sore, but we are incredibly grateful to the gaurdian angels looking out for him!

Thursday I went into the dentist to have a few cavaties filled and was informed that one of my affected teeth had been filled previously and that filling was large and had broken, coming dangerously close to the root so I would need a crown instead of just the filling I was expecting... I wasn't too suprised but I had NO IDEA what a crown entailed... So when I felt that pretty much my entire tooth had been drilled off I was a little shocked! Well everything went smoothly with the procedure (until I found out how much that crap costs!! OUCH!!) I was sized for my procelain crown and recieved my temporary and I was sent home. I have never had this done before so I was unaware exactly what to expect as far as pain later... And there had been A LOT of pain! I usually have a pretty high threshold for pain, but this seemed extreme, so I called the dentist a few days later and told him about it. He of course wanted x-rays and decided that yes, I was in need of a ROOT CANAL. Awesome. Atleast there will be no pain later! Oh the joys of trips to the dentist. He is making a good living off me this month...

Friday night Ken took me out on a date! It was so fun! We didn't really want to drive all the way to Lubbock and spend a bunch of money, so we loaded up the dogs in the truck, got some fast food and drove out into the country. We pulled over on an old dirt road, let the dogs out to run and sat in the bed of the truck to eat, watch the dogs play, and see the sunset! I LOVE my roughneck husband! It was probably the best cheap date we have been on in a LONG time! <3

Saturday Ken was so sweet and even though he had pains all his own, he felt bad that I was in so much pain and decided to help make me feel better... So he took me SHOPPING! All you girls out there know how much that helps ;) I got 2 new dresses for church! I've been in desperate need of a new skirt or dress so I was so ecstatic to find a couple dresses that I LOVE! And we found them at Ross so we spent less than 30$! You can't beat that! Now all I need are some great black boots!! :)

Monday was all about Ken, I was so grateful for my shopping trip that I allowed him one! However his idea of a shopping trip is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of mine! We spent the day driving around town scoping out old, used, seemingly unwanted toys (3 or 4 wheelers, dirtbikes, ect...) It was actually alot of fun and we weren't disappointed at the end of the day! We came home with two 3 wheelers and a dirtbike! And the best part is they were all FREE!!! Now of course they are all old and need work, but I don't think there is anything in the world Ken likes more than tinkering with old gadgets and actually getting them to work! And we figure between the three 3 wheelers we now have we should have enough parts to put together atleast 1 decent one! And Ken has already gotten the dirtbike running! It needs a few repairs to be safe for riding, but its always a good sign when I hear an engine come to life in our backyard!!

The best parts of this week have been the WONDERFUL WARM WEATHER (It was 70-80 degrees all week! We broke out the shorts and summer clothes and it was GREAT!) and finding out that my little sisters and brother are coming! HELLO SPRING BREAK! They will coming down in about a month and I CANNOT WAIT!! It will be so much fun!

It was quite the week, but I LOVE having a whole week off with Ken! Its really hard having him gone for an entire week, but the week get to spend together is always crazy and fun and I love having that time with him!

P.S. Pictures to come soon!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I hope everyone has a wonderfully SWEET day shared with the ones you love!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Years Resolutions... In February

Ken and I have decided that this year we are going to be more healthy! (I know, oh so original!)

So we took our first step at this goal by getting gym memberships last weekend! I, like many others, have made this goal before... But this year with Ken's help I am determined to succeed! Ken is strangely very enthusiastic about our goal and has already begun creating a spreadsheet with our theo max's and what percent of each max/how many reps we should do according to our goals... ect ect ect. Its quite funny to see him so thrilled and excited about it, but its also wonderful because his enthusiam motivates ME even more. I think we will be great workout partners! (Our stubborn/competitive personalities also help!) When we went to do our maxes I had a suprisingly fun time... Ken was actually really good at pushing me, but not too far. Even though he can lift about 100lbs more than me in about every single lift we did, he never made me feel insecure. I've been down the weightlifting road before in high school and college and I know that having the right partner who can motivate you without putting you down is essential, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!

However we also know that working out is only half of the entire goal... Changing our eating habits is a big part too! And THAT is going to be tougher than the working out I think. I'll admit we are BAD about eating out. With Kens work schedule we pretty much party for the whole week that he is home, which sounds fun, and believe me it is, but it has started catching up with us (hence the goal!) So that is where I come in and play the big role of the main motivator! I know I can do it, I just have to hone in my will power, and strap on my apron a little more! :)

To aid in my adjustment I have taken a cue from one of my cousins, who has for the past few years been picking a "word of the year" as a resolution and using that word throughout the year to help accomplish her goals. This year I have chosen DILIGENCE.

Definition given by Wikipedia:

Diligence is a zealous and careful nature in one's actions and work, exemplified by a decisive work ethic, budgeting of one's time, monitoring one's own activities to guard against laziness, and putting forth full concentration in one's work.

Diligence is the act of doing all things efficiently and relentlessly to the best of one's ability in order to achieve success in every endeavor.

I have this problem with laziness, as I'm sure we all experience from time to time, and I've been fighting it lately with lists and agendas and I feel like maybe I'm making some headway, so thats why I decided to make this my word. I want to be more productive this year than I have been in the last couple. I want to be more aware of my laziness and procrastinations and be more ZEALOUS in my ALL my endeavors! (Including but not limited to working out and eating a more healty diet:) I have a feeling that this is going to be a GREAT year!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cold Weather? WHAT!?

It has been a frigid 0-15 degrees here in West Texas for about the last week or so. With a windchill of -11 and lower!! We even accumulated about 3-4 inches of snow at one point! Um HELLO? SERIOUSLY? It is COLD! Even by Idaho standards!! It was getting to be 70-75 degrees before this cold front hit and BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I was actually looking forward to the nice weather returning... Or atleast moving into spring and the RAINY SEASON! (I LOVE the rainy season here. The thunderstorms are AWESOME!) I do miss the cold weather, but now that Im experiencing it for the first time in about a year, I've had about enough :) Bring on the WARM weather!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


So we all know the big day is coming up... thats right, VALENTINES day. Well in the Checketts household we (meaning KEN) do not believe in such a commercialized day of "love", so we decided after our first failed attempt at a "Valentines" day to celebrate our love on a day NEAR Valentines day but not ON Valentines day... haha That makes us less commercialized right?? This year Ken will be away at work on Valentines and the whole week before so he suprised me and treated me to a wonderful night earlier this week! It was incredible, and he totally caught me off guard, which RARELY happens ;) He rented us a suite at a hotel in Lubbock (complete with HUGE jacuzzi tub) and stocked it with roses, sparkling cider, and of course a rather LARGE heart-shaped box of chocolates!! He took me out to a nice dinner and also a movie and we just had a really great time! And for those of you who know my husband, you know this is COMPLETELY uncharacteristic of him, so you probably understand how shocked I was! Anyway it was so nice, I am so lucky to have such a great husband who continually suprises me and makes me love him even more! I hope that you all are treated to a Valentines day that is as wonderful as mine was!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today, my friends, has been a day full of SMACKS to the forehead while muttering (or sometimes shouting) REALLY?! Here is the tale (so far) of my "REALLY?!" day...

My "REALLY!?" day actually began at about midnight, when it first began to snow. I had just talked to Ken and looked outside to see if the weatherman was full of BS when he said it would snow. Turns out he wasn't. It was snowing alright. (Not the real Idaho snow I'm used to and love, but light dusting snow made to look fierce by 40mph winds :) I smacked my forehead and said REALLY?! I was excited, and had dreams of building a snowman in the morning! PLUS Ken was coming home tomorrow so I was NOT going to let ANYTHING get me down!!! However when I woke up I found the snow to be un-packable and in no way was it possible to build a snowman, so I smacked my forehead again and said "REALLY?! the only snow we get ALL winter that stay for more than 10 minutes and you can't even build with it!?" After being incredibly disappointed I remembered I was not going to let things get to me, Ken is coming home! So I decided to continue working on the laundry that I started yesterday. I was washing whites so I turned the washer to warm and let her do her thing... about 6.5 minutes later I heard the washer begin to drain and spin... and then A WHOLE LOT of SPLASHING! uh oh. I RAN into the kitchen (ya our washer is in our kitchen I know that's weird) and found all of the water from the washer falling to the floor behind it... Yes, I smacked my forehead and SHOUTED "REALLY?!" I then proceeded to use all our towels (which thankfully were going to be washed next) to mop up the water... It was only after I moved the washer to dry under it that it dawned on me... Our pipes must be frozen. There was no leak from any of the hoses, and the water had come BACK UP the drain pipe. I tested the cold water on the washer and big surprise NOTHING! So once again I SMACKED my forehead and muttered "REALLY!?" Well what is a girl supposed to do when this kind of thing happens and her husband is at work and can't be on the phone? OF COURSE, I called my DAD :) which led to me calling my landlord, who was no help, which THEN led me to calling my friend who helped me find the water meter to make sure there was no leak, which thank goodness there wasn't, at least as far as I could tell. So in order to hopefully warm up the pipe I was instructed to put use a space heater and point it at the wall, turn on the oven to help heat up the kitchen (we don't have central heat so the kitchen does get COLD) and hope to high heaven that the pipe does not burst. (Solid advice right?) WHAT A DEBACLE! Finally satisfied that I could leave for work and the whole house would not flood or burn down I started getting ready. Besides Ken is coming home, NOTHING, not even this was going to bring me down!!! Just then Ken texted me and said he was going to be home MUCH later than expected (and he usually gets home around 11pm) because he drove the BOMBER (his old truck that can't take the cold) to work and it is going to take a jump to start it and then quite a while to get warm enough to leave and then even LONGER because its tires aren't great and the roads are slick... that's right, SMACK.... "REALLY?!" Crisis' seem to happen most when he is gone and I'm left to deal with them alone... GO FIGURE! So I set out for work still little disappointed, but trying to remember that he WILL be home tonight, just not as fast as I would like... Well work was good until the very end when I found out I that I didn't balance, I won't go into detail, but its not good. You guessed it.... SMACK "REALLY?!" Oh what a day! Well I got home somehow still feeling OK about life, but ready to find a disaster. Yet Somehow, the house was still in one piece! "REALLY?!" lol And that is where I'm at right now... I don't feel like attempting to clean, or cook, or DO anything. So instead I sat down to write the story of my day....

Moral of the story... DO NOT post on facebook: "NO matter what, I will not let ANYTHING get me down today!".... You WILL be tested! :)