Sunday, May 13, 2012

A tribute to Mothers...

Mothers Day, once a day where I would make cards from construction paper, flowers from tissue paper and pipe cleaners, and give gifts of homemade jewelry and IOU's, a day where I would thank my mommy for cleaning my room, cooking my meals and driving me around, has come to mean so much more to me.

As I have grown and started my own adult life I have realized just how much my mom and all mothers in my life have affected me and influenced the person I have become. I know I owe a part of every accomplishment, every success, every triumph in my life to those women who worked so selflessly to raise me, who helped to shape and mold my personality. I am so blessed to be surrounded by incredible examples of strong confident independent women, who take care of their families, friends, co-workers and everyone around them.

I am so grateful for my Mother, Mother-In-Law, Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters and Friends who have supported me, loved me, laughed and cried with me and have been there for me throughout my life. I know a construction paper card or a sincere IOU would make your day, but I could never, ever, thank you enough for the life lessons you have taught me, the wisdom you have shared with me and the guidance you have so willingly given me. I love you, so very much. I truly owe you everything.

Thank you, to all the women in my life! You are incredible!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May is the best month EVER

If I make it through this month alive, or even half-awake, it will be an accomplishment! SO MUCH is happening! My sweet sister Tricia was here for about a week, and left today :( I love her and we had such a great time, I hate that she won't just move here, no matter how hard I beg ;) We spent an evening at my school auction, road tripped to Lubbock (see below), spent a couple days camping and even got caught in a MASSIVE storm!
Ya this picture is nasty, we were completely soaked from running into WalMart. Luckily we reached the car to leave right as the quarter-sized hail started to fall. However we did not leave unscathed. Poor Dish took a hail stone to the back from an open window (oops my bad) that left quite a welt! All in all it was a wonderful visit. Miss you sister!

This month I was also accepted to college at ENMU. Yep, back to the grind. The excitement of opening up an acceptance letter does not dim with age... just sayin. I can't wait to get back on track on finish up my degree. It looks like Speech Language Pathology and I have a long road ahead of us, but I'm ready, bring it on :)

Next on the agenda for May? BOSTON!!!! In one short week Ken and I will be boarding our plane to MA! I'm beside myself I'm so excited. I've never been to the East Coast. It will be an adventure for sure. Levi and Jiyoung will be getting MARRIED on Saturday and Graduating on Monday and I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of these sweet moments in their life! Plus almost all of Ken's family will be there, REUNION TIME! I just can't get enough of family!

Once we return home from Boston I will have 3 DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL! (Technically I work for 2 weeks after the kids are out, but that's cake) I just cannot believe how fast this year has come and gone, and how INCREDIBLY BLESSED I am to work at Stone! Honestly I'm just glad I made it through the year, I will admit there were times when I didn't think I would! I love my job, but seriously, bring on summer vacation!

And last but CERTAINLY not least, the biggest reason MAY is the BEST MONTH EVER..... My Birthday. :) Granted with all of the happenings this month I don't expect anything special, in fact Ken will be away at work, but it is my golden year... 24 on the 24th. Yay me :)

I hope everyone has a beautiful month of May, or at least a month HALF as AWESOME as mine... Just trickin...