Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Years Resolutions... In February

Ken and I have decided that this year we are going to be more healthy! (I know, oh so original!)

So we took our first step at this goal by getting gym memberships last weekend! I, like many others, have made this goal before... But this year with Ken's help I am determined to succeed! Ken is strangely very enthusiastic about our goal and has already begun creating a spreadsheet with our theo max's and what percent of each max/how many reps we should do according to our goals... ect ect ect. Its quite funny to see him so thrilled and excited about it, but its also wonderful because his enthusiam motivates ME even more. I think we will be great workout partners! (Our stubborn/competitive personalities also help!) When we went to do our maxes I had a suprisingly fun time... Ken was actually really good at pushing me, but not too far. Even though he can lift about 100lbs more than me in about every single lift we did, he never made me feel insecure. I've been down the weightlifting road before in high school and college and I know that having the right partner who can motivate you without putting you down is essential, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!

However we also know that working out is only half of the entire goal... Changing our eating habits is a big part too! And THAT is going to be tougher than the working out I think. I'll admit we are BAD about eating out. With Kens work schedule we pretty much party for the whole week that he is home, which sounds fun, and believe me it is, but it has started catching up with us (hence the goal!) So that is where I come in and play the big role of the main motivator! I know I can do it, I just have to hone in my will power, and strap on my apron a little more! :)

To aid in my adjustment I have taken a cue from one of my cousins, who has for the past few years been picking a "word of the year" as a resolution and using that word throughout the year to help accomplish her goals. This year I have chosen DILIGENCE.

Definition given by Wikipedia:

Diligence is a zealous and careful nature in one's actions and work, exemplified by a decisive work ethic, budgeting of one's time, monitoring one's own activities to guard against laziness, and putting forth full concentration in one's work.

Diligence is the act of doing all things efficiently and relentlessly to the best of one's ability in order to achieve success in every endeavor.

I have this problem with laziness, as I'm sure we all experience from time to time, and I've been fighting it lately with lists and agendas and I feel like maybe I'm making some headway, so thats why I decided to make this my word. I want to be more productive this year than I have been in the last couple. I want to be more aware of my laziness and procrastinations and be more ZEALOUS in my ALL my endeavors! (Including but not limited to working out and eating a more healty diet:) I have a feeling that this is going to be a GREAT year!


Connie said...

I love your word of the year. (Sirah's too) Good luck with the working out. It is so much easier to do it when there are 2 of you. xoxox
Aunt Connie

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