Monday, January 31, 2011


Today I am basing my post on things that I find funny... However my definition of funny is sometimes quite different from the norm, so just go with me on this... :)

Today I was feeling incredibly lazy, so for dinner I decided to eat a microwavable dinner... I had to cook the meal for 2.5 minutes, while it was cooking I moved and started a new load of laundry, I fed my dogs, I cleared off the counters, I poured a cup of milk AND drank half of it! ALL in 2.5 minutes!!! Isn't it FUNNY how we always complain that there is never enough time during the day? (And I'm NOT pointing any fingers because I am the WORST at using that line) I have no idea why I noticed this today, but I couldn't believe how much I actually got done in those 2.5 minutes! I just thought it was kind of FUNNY!

A couple of weeks ago some friends of ours gave us a big ol' dogloo because they were moving and don't have dogs so they don't need it. Our dogs like to run in and out and play tag in it, but they don't really use it as a house (Ken would KILL me if I made them sleep outside!) Well yesterday these friends call me and ask if we use the dogloo at all... They recently took in a dog and need a place for it to sleep... So they texted me and came and picked it up, even though I never gave them the ok and didn't even get the text until 3 hours later!! Isn't it FUNNY how some people are total INDIAN GIVERS!! Now don't get me wrong, I'm not mad, my dogs just played with the thing... but I just found it kind of FUNNY that they saw nothing wrong with coming to MY house, getting into MY backyard, and taking MY dogloo without even getting my consent... Hmmm...

The weather for this week is forecasting a 30% chance of snow for tonight and tomorrow... Every person I know or have talked to here in Brownfield has been or will be going to the store to stock up on water, milk, bread, and soup! haha I thought that was REALLY FUNNY! Isn't it funny that people who rarely see snow FREAK OUT when more than half an inch accumulates on the ground! Our whole town pretty much shuts down whenever it snows! My co-workers were cautioning me all day about how HORRIBLE Texans are at driving in the snow! Hopefully I don't end up on the street with some bad drivers! We'll see what happens tonight and how many people hole up inside if it really does snow!

I bought some new shampoo and conditioner over the weekend because I had run out. I bought a different brand than I usually do because my hair was starting to get super static-y and for some reason I attribute that to a continued use of the same kind of S/C! lol Anyway I was at work, with my hair in a ponytail and every time my hair hit my face I could smell just how WONDERFUL my new S/C is! To me it was a little bit FUNNY because when I use/smell a particular scent for an extended period of time its like I almost stop smelling it completely, and the fact that I could actually smell how great my hair was made me smile :)

These are a few things that I thought were kind of funny... Whether you could follow my reasoning or not is a whole different story! But I hope you enjoyed my little tid bits none the less! :)


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