Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break ROADTRIP 2010!!

Last week Ken and I drove up to Pocatello to haul the rest of our belongings back to Texas and pick Sam and jake up so they could stay with us for spring break! I wanted to share these pictures of our trip!!

This is the sun rising in Texas on our way north!
We drove for 18 hours! Trust me it felt like FOREVER!

Sweet hill/plateau thing in New Mexico!

When we FINALLY made it to Idaho I was soooooo glad to see my SISTERS!
Ken and Jake loading up the truck! They were very creative, and we also had a small Uhaul trailer
My super sweet sister in law Cassie and her kiddos Emmy and Jake (who I absolutely ADORE!) left Ken and I a CandyGram! I love them sooooo much and miss them ALL the time!

On the road again! The return trip took about 22 hours of total driving time! We stopped in Vernal on the way though and took a break to visit Ken's family! It was so nice to see everyone again, but the car ride was brutal, and you can see we got PRETTY bored. We were trying to stretch out our noses........ oh the things you think up when stuck in a car!

Ken got a couple of PATTERSON drilling caps so we were showing PATTERSON some love!
Ken takes good pictures.......So jealous.....

These rock formations are from Moab Ut, what a BEAUTIFUL place!
And these are from New Mexico......SOME of that place is beautiful! :)

Anyway I didn't get many pictures from our trip there due to a failing camera battery, but we left Texas and passed through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and then into Idaho, and on the way back went through Idaho back to Wyoming, through Utah, snipped the corner of Arizona, then went all the way across New Mexico, and finally back into Texas! A 7 state trip! It was fun, but done in 4 days! So very exhausting! I'm glad to be HOME!


Team Serra said...

ugh those pictures of ken putting your mattresses in the truck reminds me of when we moved last summer! what a pain. glad you're home with ALL of your stuff now though...tell Sam hi for me!

Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

Oh man I want to go to Moab and New Mexico so bad! Loved all the funny pictures! Looks like fun!

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