Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ken's Birthday EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Yesterday, March 23rd, was Ken's Birthday! Sam and Jake are on spring break from school and have been spending it with us here in Texas, so we decided to decorate and make a super special birthday suprise for Ken! As you can see we blew up blue and white balloons (UK style, Kens favorite!) And as you can't see, we also hung blue and white streamers all through the house!

For the extra super special birthday suprise we built a double decker cheesecake (strawberry on bottom and pineapple on top) with a blackberry filling! Cheesecake is Ken's FAVORITE dessert, and he doesn't like cake much, so we decided to go all out for him! However putting the cheesecakes together ended up being a little more difficult then we imagined, and I am NOT a great dessert baker (or any kind of cook or baker for that matter :) so it ended up a little messy, but the cracks in the top crust served as great places to put 24 CANDLES! (WOW he is getting OLD!)
We pretty much just made 2 cheesecakes and flipped on top of the other after spreading the filling in between :) But it was sure YUMMY!!
That is A LOT of candles :)
Ken thought the candle design actually looked like a Christmas tree :) But it just worked out that way on accident, I PROMISE!
It pretty much looks like I'm carrying a massive fireball, haha it was awesome!!
He LOVED his suprise, but didn't have much time to appreciate it, poor guy. Of course his birthday fell on a rig move day, so he was out the door at 4am and didn't get home until 10pm, so it was a quick party, but he loved it and that is all that matters! :)


Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

mmm that cheesecake looks so good! Perhaps we are getting to that age where it's best to invest in those candles with the numbers already written... otherwise it might be a huge fire hazard ;)

Connie said...

The house looks great! I love the color - you did a great job. Happy birthday Ken. (wait until you have 40 candles on your cake)

Al and Ken said...

Hey Aunt Connie! Do you have a blog?! I need the address so I can access it! We miss you and your family and everyone in Boise! We hope to be able to see all of you sometime this summer!

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday Ken! Wish we could of been there to celebrate with you guys! The cheesecake sounded great. We will have to make one next time we are together! Love you guys lots and lots!

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