Friday, March 5, 2010

Pictures FINALLY!

WE LOVE THE SUSHINE! Ken isn't allowed to have his famous beard at work, but it doesn't take long for it to grow back in! :)

Our handsome growing pups! They are getting so good! Well, atleast for the most part :)

This is what Kens rig looks like. He has recently been promoted to Motors, so he stays on the ground for the most part, but the company seems to think he has the perfect physique to be promoted to Derriks, so he has been training a little here and there up on the very top!

On one of my visits we stopped at the most enormous playground I have ever seen, from a distance it looked like a real castle, so we had to check it out. It was great, and of course they had to have a VERY large tribute to the great state of Texas :)

The Lubbock Temple: It is tiny tiny, but very beautiful! I was told that it was only built about 6 years ago, and before that you had to travel all the way to Dallas to go to a temple which is definitely a whole day trip, so I feel blessed to be here now when the temple is so accessible.

This is our lovely church building! For those of you familiar with Borah High School, it is a little smaller then the seminary building there :) We have a branch of about 15-20 members here in Brownfield and I absolutely LOVE it! It is a serious change from the massive wards in Idaho and Utah, but the members here are really amazing! There is actually only 1 other couple that lives in Brownfield and not the surrounding areas, and when Ken got sick and needed a blessing this sweet elderly couple (80+) came to our rescue! It was wonderful!


Team Serra said...

Wow I didn't know you guys were in Texas now! I'm sure you're loving a change of scenery...what does Ken do exactly? (you're gonna have to dumb it down for me :))

Warren and Kelsey Fairbanks said...

What a small church building! I bet you are enjoying the sunshine and warm weather down there! Cute puppies!

Val said...

Thanks for telling us you had a blog! Cute pictures. I'm glad you are liking texas!

Cassie said...

yea! It was great to see pictures of you two. We miss you like crazy and cant wait til you make it up here! We love you lots and lots!

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