Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fridge Fiasco!

So a couple of days ago (on Ken's Birthday to be exact) our refrigerator started acting up. We noticed a SLIGHTLY funky smell coming from the kitchen that morning but couldn't really pinpoint its origin so we dismissed it as funky Texas weather..... It does get pretty stinky here sometimes. SO we went about our business for the day and didn't think much of it, UNTIL we came home from a softball game (my usual weekly ritual of stalking the local high school softball team....I can't help it, I'm ADDICTED!) and the WHOLE house was consumed in the putrid smell of burning plastic! You know, that smell SO STRONG it makes your stomach turn! So we pulled out all the fans in an attempt to air out some of the rooms so we could 1. BREATHE and 2. find the SOURCE of the disgusting smell...... Well low and behold we found the source to be our refrigerator..... Or the outlet it was plugged into. So we initaited 2 tests to find out which it was. Our first test consisted of unplugging the fridge and seeing if the smell would go away, but the smell was so potent that it lingered and we couldn't really tell. So then we called Jake's dad, who just happens to be an electrician by some stroke of luck! He told us to plug in a hair dryer to the outlet and see if it trips the breaker, because the refrigerator had, and a hair dryer uses more electricity..... well the blow dryer did not trip the breaker so we concluded that IT WAS IN FACT the fridge. So we emptied the food we could from the big fridge into Kens mini-fridge (this is the second time I've been incredibly thankful for that dumb little fridge!) and called the landlord (who is totally awesome by the way). He said he couldn't make it until the next morning, but he would be here first thing. Well he kept to his word (sort of, it was 11am :) and brought us a new fridge (well an old fridge, but new to us!) that was bigger than our last one, keeps our food cold, and DOESN'T smell like yucky burning plastic!! (AND he LOVED my paint job!!!!! He said it looked VERY sharp, the best this house has ever looked!! WHOOP WHOOP) SO we were able to move the food back into the new fridge and carry on with our lives! And THAT is my tale of our fridge fiasco....... I hope you enjoyed it :)

P.S. You know when you say a certain word over and over like a hundred times it stops sounding like a word at all...... that happened to me with fridge and refrigerator during this post ha ha try saying refrigerator 20 times as fast as you can!!!!


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