Wednesday, April 20, 2011


UPDATE: I am LOVING our new place... Well our new APARTMENT, the city is... EH... :)

What I LOVE about our new house:
~The family room is large enough for ALL our furniture, plus provides room for a small dinning area.
~There is a designated laundry area with its own cupboards for cleaning supplies
~There is a PANTRY!!
~The bathroom is big enough that me, Ken, and both the dogs can all stand in it at the same time.
~The bathroom has a mirror 3ft tall and 6ft wide!! HELLLLLOOOO Vanity Area!!
~Our bedroom is as large as our last place's FAMILY ROOM. (I don't even know how to fill all the space!)
It is fabulous and I love it. But don't let my "love's" fool you, our last place was SMALL, we dont live in a mansion or anything ;~)

My FEW dislikes...
~NO yard, but there is a park less than 100yards from our front door :)
~Very little parking- since Ken has a work truck now we have more vehicles then we could EVER possibly need...

But overall, I love it. Yay us :)

Have a great day!


Kelsey Fairbanks said...

LUcky! That sounds like a mansion of an apartment!
Hey thanks for your kind words on my blog, I guess I kind of started and uproar which was NOT my intention at all and your comment was really sweet and I really appreciated it. You are awesome Ali. I'm jealous you are in a warm climate... grr...

Camisetta said...

Fun stuff Allie! I am excited for you! I hear New Mexico is amazing! Enjoy it... eat lotsa green salsa (I can't remember the real name...)

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