Monday, April 11, 2011


We are FINALLY done moving!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY! Now to get everything we just packed UNPACKED :) It has been quite a wild ride these last two weeks and I am happy they are over, but I have learned a few lessons and created a few good memories so I would chalk this experience up to a success!

A few lessons and a memory from this experience:

1. NEVER shut the utilities off in your home until you are COMPLETELY done moving.
- I thought I would save some change by shutting off our utilities a day early instead of paying for the whole weekend, BAD IDEA! We ended up moving in the dark using flashlights and headlights 2 nights in a row, then had no water or electricity to clean with :S OOPS! Good thing our landlord was awesome!

2. There is NO DISGRACE in asking for help.
- I was having a rough go when I was trying to find a place to live by myself. In fact I was to the point I was ready to RIP MY HAIR OUT because I couldn't find anything! But then I was able to attend a church function for our new ward and ask some of the members for help, and what do you know? The very next day I was able to sign lease papers on a new place. WHAT A BLESSING!

3. I was PULLED OVER for the first time in 4 years, and the 1st time EVER in Texas!
- It was about 12:30am and we were making our VERY LAST haul to our new place and we were about 20 minutes from the border when I thought smugly to myself "MAN I haven't ever been pulled over in Texas and now I'm leaving for GOOD!" Well just then I saw the lights pull up behind me! I was only going MAYBE 2 miles over the speed limit, and yes I was tired, but not overly tired to the point I was swerving or anything! So I was confused! So I pulled over and rolled my window down and the next thing I know the Police Officer is yelling at me to get out the truck!!! WTF?! I had no idea what to do! Should I put my hands up and walk slowly? Was I going to jail? I wasn't even speeding!! SO I calmly get out of the car and walk back to the officer, who strikes up a perfectly normal conversation about me and my husband and us moving. What the heck?! Then he tells me that I was pulled over because I was going a "little too fast" Ya LITTLE is right! So he asks for my DL but obviously its in the truck. So I begin to walk back and he stops abruptly and asks very strangely if my dogs will BITE HIM!! hahaha it was then that I realized why I was asked to get out of my truck, my dogs were in the back and he was SCARED of them!!!!!! I guess they are quite effective watch dogs after all! They even scare the POLICE away! So of course I tell him they won't bite and he walks me to Kens window to get my DL (of course I stayed between him and the dogs:) As we walk back and he takes my DL to his car I realize that he had walked me right through a BIG BLACK ANT HILL and they were starting to CLIMB MY LEGS!!! I was in flip flops and shorts too... GREAT. So if he thought I was intoxicated before I sure wasn't helping my case doing the ANTS DANCE in his spotlight trying to get them off me! When he finally returned he gave me my DL and a warning to slow down... hahaha Thanks A lot! He then SPED off and had another person pulled over before I even got moving again. WHAT A JOKE!! P.S. Ken got pulled over the night before for his license plate light being out... haha

Now that everything is said and done I can't complain too much. We really lucked out finding such a great place, and we got to know some members of our new ward! I'm excited for this experience and can't wait to see where it takes us next!

Now to find a job... Oh joy... :)


Kelsey Fairbanks said...

HOly cow. Maybe that cop was bored or something. And some cop from TEXAS was scared of a dogs? What a loser!! Good luck finding a job!!

Juli said...

Dumb Cop! Scared of dogs? And he's supposed to protect Texas from vicious criminals? Good thing you moved, LOL. As for the Ants. AHHHHHHHHH. I would have stripped naked. I hate ants.
I'm glad your move went relatively well! Congrats on the new place!

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