Tuesday, April 12, 2011

White Walls

I have this pet peeve, its bothered me since I was a little girl and only gets worse with age. Sometimes this pet peeve actually bothers me enough that I start to get a little CRAZY! What could this possibly be... you guessed it, WHITE WALLS.

When I was little my dad was very adamant that all the walls should be perfectly white and clean, no nail holes, or as few as possibe, and no scratches/dents ect. Now there is nothing wrong with this, who doesn't want as clean and nice a home as possible? But I always dreamed of painting the walls of my room crazy colors like ORANGE, GREEN, or SUNFIRE YELLOW!!

When I was finally all grown up and had a house of my own, with which I could do whatever I pleased, I WENT TO TOWN on those walls! There was not ONE white wall in my entire house. I believe there are even a few pictures on my blog from long ago... I painted GREENS, BLUE, RED, BROWN, and even SUNFIRE YELLOW! It was so fun, and so awesome. Some people thought it was tacky, some thought it was peculiar, and others thought it matched my personality perfectly, BUT I DIDN'T CARE what anyone thought because I LOVED it :)

Now I am in a new home, which I LOVE, but our landlords are not NEARLY as cool as our last one and I cannot paint ANY walls. I am so sad. I am hanging up pictures and colored curtains, but its just not the same. I HOPE they do not drive me to madness.

That is all. Have a wonderful day :)


Juli said...

Have you thought about vinyl decorations? I know that JoAnn's sells them. You can do words, funny pictures, or landscapes like trees and birds. Completely removable without damage.

Love you!

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