Thursday, December 30, 2010

7 months later...

Yes we are still alive, and yes I'm sorry I've been so horrible at keeping this updated! Here is my super short recap of the last 7 months.... I started working at American State Bank in August. Its been a really great way for me to get know people in our community and make friends! Ken is still working out in the fields and loving every minute of it! His boss has come to him with offers of a raise and promotion as soon as a spot opens up and we are so excited and anxiously awaiting that day! Texas is still being kind to us, although we deeply miss the snow! Christmas just wasn't the same without it! However we were very lucky to have Kens brother with us for a few weeks over Christmas break! We were pretty sad about not being able to go north and visit our families, so having a visitor here was a real "pick-me-up"!! Ken received a new tool box and a few new toys (power tools) for Christmas and is ready to start building! He just hasn't decided on what to build yet :) I was blessed with a few new kitchen appliances (including an awesome mixer!) and I can't wait to start baking! (Don't die of shock... :) It has been a crazy year, full of change and adventure, for our tiny family! We miss our families and friends but we are enjoying this exciting chapter of our lives! We have more family coming to visit soon and can't wait to show them around our small area of the country! We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and wish the very best for all in the coming year!


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