Sunday, November 25, 2012


HELLO! It's almost DECEMBER! Yikes, I have been AWOL for a while, but I'm back and ready to update... We have been so busy the last few months. We moved to Vernal Ut, I got a new job, we totalled our car, ken had his hernia repaired and the list goes on and on and on. We are LOVING being back up north, closer to our families. We are so grateful to Ken's parents for letting us rent from them, and for all they have done and continue to do to make us feel welcome and get settled in. The weather is turning cold now and I am seriously enjoying the need to wear all of my winter clothes that have been packed away for the last couple of years :)

The week before we moved up here Ken was hit in an intersection in NM while driving our Hyundai (don't worry he was perfectly fine, the car however, not so much), 2 months later all the paperwork and insurance was processed and the car was totalled. It would take quite a bit of mula to fix all the damage, so we took what the car was worth and called it good. I miss the car, it was the first large purchase Ken and I ever made together, it was a great vehicle and we wore it out!

I was able to find a pretty great job here working in the child care center at the local Recreation Center. I love being around the kids (infants-age 8) and my co-workers are totally awesome! Plus getting this job opened up several other opportunities for me, I have taught a sports overview class for toddlers called Itty Bitty Ball, put on a Basketball Camp for youth (ages 4-9), and even dabbled in a little bit of management. It has been a wonderful place to work with a lot of variety in my job description and something new everyday.

Finding a job that pays decently and is something I actually like was so lucky and came right at the perfect time. In the end of October Ken's hernia (which he has been fighting for a while) really started acting up, to the point where work was becoming just too much for him, so we FINALLY made arrangements to get it fixed. On Novemeber 12th he went in for surgery and things went great. He was super silly and unfortunately very sick coming out of the anesthesia, but he has been recovering fairly well. He will be out of work for at least 6 weeks, which is a little bit scary but it was definitely long over due! He feels so much better that he forgets he still needs to take it easy sometimes and usually pays for it the next day, but we haven't had any serious complications so we are counting our blessings!

Overall we are settling in and loving it! The mountains, lakes, rivers, TREES, grass, family and little bits of snow we have had are just beautiful and it has been wonderful to see them everyday again! We sure do miss all of our friends (and year round SOFTBALL) in TX and NM though!

So there it is, my little update long over due...Until next time....
~The Checketts


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