Friday, July 20, 2012


OK, so a few months back I promised everyone that I was going to have a wild crazy busy exciting summer, and I promise I have not let you down ;). In fact my summer this far has been SO wild crazy busy and exciting that I haven't even been able to sit down long enough to blog about it. My apologies.

First- Softball has been amazing. I play on 3 different teams and I LOVE it. So I average 4-6 games a week with a practice here and there if I can squeeze it in. It keeps me busy while Ken is away, gives me opportunity for real adult interaction (time to make friends...) and helps me stay in shape during my lazy summer break :)

Second- IDAHO! I was fortunate enough to spend 3 WEEKS in Idaho with my family. I just love my family to pieces! I was able to spend some time with my parents and BIG baby brother, each of my siblings and their families, some good friends and my sweet grandma. I just love it there.

Third- While in Idaho my oldest brother Will celebrated his 30th birthday, by skydiving! Ken and I just couldn't pass it up! One more item crossed off our bucket lists! It was honestly not as terrifying as I anticipated, in fact it was the most exhilarating experience I have probably ever had. It takes some GUTS to jump from a perfectly good airplane- that's probably why they had to push me out. Not to mention that Ken got the "SPECIAL" parachute. He jumped AFTER me, free-fell TWICE as long as I did and LANDED a good minute- 2 minutes before me. He was ticked off thinking he got jipped until everyone swarmed him making sure he was ok because we all thought he was literally falling to his death! I about lost my mind watching him fall past me in the air! After he discovered that he got the shoot "heart attack" shoot he was pretty proud :) Lets just say I would do it again, willingly, in a heartbeat!!

Fourth- I guess the word is out so might as well make it official. Ken has been able to get a transfer north to his company's Rocky Mountain Region! We are moving back to IDAHO! I couldn't be more excited. Although it has been harder than I thought to tell all of my new dear friends here in New Mexico... BUT I just know this is right for us and we have been looking forward to this opportunity since we left almost 3 years ago! YAY! If you live in the Idaho Falls area keep an eye out for nice houses for us!

What a wild crazy busy exciting summer! And its not over yet! There is so much more to come, and I will TRY to remember to document it... ;)

That's all for now!


Stacie said...

my family is in Boise but I do have a friend or two in Idaho Falls. I think that is the temple my brother is getting married in in August so I'll be there Aug 3. So exciting you guys are moving to ID..too bad we will miss you at the hot air balloon festival in NM in Oct!

Cami said...

I just moved OUT OF Idaho Falls! My husband's job took us to Provo! But man... good place to be. Well, actually I think it's kind of a hard adjustment. Seems most people that live there grew up there and already are set in the groove of things with friends and family. Just try to be outgoing! Which you pretty much are. Whew! Have fun!

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