Friday, June 10, 2011


Yes we are still alive! May was quite the month! I was able to spend a few weeks in Idaho with my family, helping take care of my sweet neices while my sister had jury duty. It was SO FUN to be around my family for an extended period of time, I have missed them SO MUCH! But it is so nice to be home with Ken again. He made a few new friends while I was gone and has kept me extra busy (and exhausted!) this week introducing me to everyone! We already have more close friends here in Hobbs then we ever had in Texas, so thats pretty exciting!

Here is the weeks breakdown!

Sunday- I got back into Hobbs at about 1am... Ya it was a LONG drive but I had stayed in Vernal Friday night and broke the drive up so it only took 16 hours on Saturday as opposed to the 21 it would have taken from Boise. ANYWAY, I got in at 1am, slept till, oh maybe noonish :) then we BBQ'd with Ken's co-worker and his family and got to take a swim in their pool! It was so fun, and we stayed for hours eating swimming and just hanging out! Shane and Jen are great!

Monday- Today the exhaustion started to hit me from my long travels... So I was lazy and stayed home, cleaned up the house (thats what I get for being gone for 3 weeks!) and did some laundry.

Tuesday- I had an interview for a position as a Secretary at Stone Elementary! I was so nervous because I have 0 experience and didn't really know what to expect. But the interview went great and I felt pretty confident. Today was also our first SOFTBALL game! We are playing on a team with Shane and Jen and its awesome. I love softball! AND its a really great way to get to know people in the community! I didn't have a super great game, but it was fun! After we went over to Shane and Jens and took a dip in their pool!

Wednesday- Boy was I SORE! My muscles were starting to ache from softball the night before! But it was another productive day at home! You won't believe how much dirt accrues in house left virtually unoccupied for 3 weeks! I'm still not done! And I spent the whole day worrying about whether or not the school would call with good news... They didn't. Then Ken got called out to work :( And he didn't make it home at all that night!

Thursday- Ken finally made it home at about 2pm, poor guy... But was in good spirits! I sat around, waiting by the phone most of the day, and at about 4pm the call came! They offered me the position and I go in on Monday to fill out paperwork! I'm scared out of my mind, but SO EXCITED! I hope that this job will help me get a foot in the door with the school district and open up opportunities to me in the future for teaching/coaching! YAY! Also we had another softball game, at which I was kind of a stud! I hit MUCH better, and even threw someone out at third from centerfield! Ya I play in the outfield... weird right? But I love it and it was so fun!

Friday- I have no idea what today will bring, hopefully something awesome! BRING ON THE WEEKEND!


Kelsey Fairbanks said...

man, i don't how you are even typing on your blog! you must be so tired! enjoy the weekend!

Juli said...

We miss you here, but we are glad to hear you are happy and got home safe! Love you guys!

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